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Certified Executive Protection Training

The World Protection Group provides training at their facilities in Los Angeles, California and via their mobile training unit program all over the world.

Specialized in Executive and Dignitary Protection training, the World Protection Group offers highly customized training that covers all aspects of an Executive or Dignitary Protection detail with special emphasis on Advance Work. Our global network of instructors allows us effectively teach while maintaining respect for the culture and skill level of our Client. Our work begins with assessment and development of the vision for the client and ends with mentoring and the implementation of sustainable practices.

The World Protection Group provides training from 1 day course increments to full time 90-day course rotations.

Our Clients include High Net-Worth Families, Corporate Security Departments, Sovereign Governments, US Law Enforcement and Security Professionals.

7-Day Executive Protection Training

The World Protection Group offers a 7-day program for the person looking to enter the executive protection field of work and does not have formal training, as well as the experienced veteran who is looking for an intensive refresher course. 

We Provide state of the art Executive Protection training to the person looking to enter the executive protection field of work and does not have formal training, as well as the experienced veteran who is looking for an intensive refresher course. At our CA BSIS-accredited Los Angeles training facility we provide a 7-day course, which can be split into 3 modules or taken all at once. This course provides both theory and practical exercises and includes an overnight detail in the final module that incorporates all the learning of the course in a real life situation. The course is based on the U.S. Secret Service philosophy of doing Executive Protection and spends a good deal of time on the advance work that goes into a protective detail. The advance work is the most important element of any protection detail as it involves minimizing risk and exposure to the client and having contingency planning in place to detail with any unforeseen risks.

One of the country’s preeminent trainers is the mastermind behind the course curriculum and actively participates in many of the training modules himself - Kent Moyer, CEO of The World Protection Group, whose background includes the development of an Executive Protection curriculum and training program for two of California’s largest police departments. Kent is passionate about training and believes in continued education for all professionals as well as the ‘retraining’ of those who have served in law enforcement and the military - as doing protection in the civilian world, with reduced resources as compared with the government, is completely different.

WPG Mobile Training Unit

In addition to our LA-based course, we have a mobile training unit that brings custom designed courses to Corporate Security Groups who may wish to further their knowledge in this area. The World Protection Group will provide 3-days of Executive Protection Training involving classroom technique (80%) and practical exercises (20%) – or whatever balance you choose. The objective is to create a consistent body of knowledge around the area of Executive Protection within the Security management team who has a diverse set of backgrounds. The course will focus on Executive Protection techniques based on the U.S. Secret Service-way of providing protection and will specifically address international travel safety, large international events, small high profile events in various risk scenarios (high, medium, low). The class will be team-taught by two instructors who bring diverse strengths and experiences to the training. But also create a good dynamic in the classroom and break up the monotony of a single speaker during the course of an 8-10 hour day.

The class will primarily focus on classroom technique but will weave in 2-3 hours of practical exercises over the course of the three days, which in addition to cementing some of the techniques also helps for teambuilding. Finally The World Protection Group training programs include custom designed training curriculum for in-house security teams that require annual training or where the client wishes to bring the team to the next level in terms of expertise and state of the art knowledge in preventative protection.

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